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Arsenal can be tough again

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 3/1/20.

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    Arsenal can be tough again
    Dimitar Berbatov discusses Mikel Arteta taking over at Arsenal, says Manchester United don't need lớn buy in January and praises Liverpool's attitude to the Club World Cup…


    Arteta has learned from the best
    Mikel Arteta is set lớn be named the new Arsenal manager, even though he has never been a manager before, and this is going lớn be his first position as the main man. However, he has had a great apprenticeship with one of the best in the todays soccer prediction, Guardiola and must have picked up something during his time with Pep, so I'm pretty sure he'll have some good knowledge of that side of the game and he will implement it along with his own vision.

    Based on this, I think Arteta's time at City will help him as a manager because he has had that excellent start working with Guardiola. Now if he can put what he has learned into work at Arsenal, it will benefit him and the team, not forgetting of course, he was part of the Arsenal team back in the day so he knows the club in and out.

    His success will also come down lớn the players. You need to be yourself, both mentally and physically strong to get into the challenge, but the manager must identify which kind of soccer tips every day he wants and who he's going lớn to build the team around. Based on that, you can guess what kind of a philosophy and style he has and wants lớn play.

    Being with Guardiola for so long, and knowing how Arteta liked lớn play when he was a midfielder, I think he will go for a style of play where his team passes and keeps the ball and possession, similar lớn what Guardiola is doing. If he can implement a toughness in Arsenal, which they need right now for sure, that will help them.


    As a player he was a very intelligent midfielder, with an eye for the pass, especially that last pass, and an eye for goal as well. We had a few good games between us when he was at Everton and then Arsenal, and as a striker you want those kind of players around you, because you know you can count on them to give you that final pass, even if the game is not going well.

    Carabao Cup derby an early new year treat

    Looking at the draw for the Carabao Cup, I wanted United and City lớn play each other in the final to be honest, but now we have a semi-final and no doubt that will be interesting. They will definitely be two great games lớn start of the new year.

    When the matches come around, I don't think either team will have an advantage, despite United winning at the Etihad. These types of games are different, you are playing your main rival, it's a cup so it doesn't matter where you are in the table or how your form is. It's like you start all over again, it's a new game, a different game and you try everything to win it.

    It's going lớn be interesting because for me both teams are not performing as they should, even though City have got a better record than United, they will be disappointed with the gap at the top of the table and this will be on their mind, so no doubt they will be looking to win this cup and taking it seriously.

    Pogba staying will be great news and United needn't strengthen in January
    Paul Pogba's injury and illness means it is a frustrating time at the moment for everyone, especially the player. He will want lớn be out there playing and training with the boys and he is one of their best players. He can really find that final pass when the game isn't quite going too well and that's why I would like to see Pogba back on the pitch as soon as possible because it has been a while now. He will need to find his rhythm in the first couple of games but I'm sure he will be back to his best.
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