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Belarusian Premier League: The main statistics and facts to help you pick a team to follow

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    Belarusian Premier League: The main statistics and facts to help you pick a team to follow
    The only footballing action you'll be able lớn find anywhere in Europe comes from Belarus, with their Premier League going ahead as scheduled. You can prefer the soccer tips betting page!


    The top domestic leagues are on hold due lớn the coronavirus pandemic, with sport across the board being stopped for the foreseeable future.

    However, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has refused lớn cancel anything meaning that their top football league continues.

    The league sees the winner qualify for the Champions League first qualifying round, while the two who finish below enter the Europa League first qualifying round.

    The bottom two are relegated and the team who finishes in 14th competes in a relegation play-off to try and keep their spot in the division.

    The season may only be three games in but it's already looking like yet another intriguing campaign. Can Energetik keep up their unbeaten run? Will Belshina secure their first point soon?

    to help you pick a team lớn follow and secure bragging rights in the group chat, our friends at Opta have put together the main statistics and figures behind each team in Belarus' top-flight.

    Alongside that, and lớn give you a bit of a helping hand, we've made comparisons with familiar names from the English football pyramid- According lớn the soccer tips goals page!

    • BATE Borisov are the most successful club in the history of the Belarus Premier League, winning 15 titles since its inception in 1992.

    • Since their debut year in 1998, BATE have finished in the top-three of the Belarus Premier League in all but one season, finishing 5th in the 2005 season.

    • Last season was the first time since 2005 that BATE failed lớn win the Belarus Premier League, finishing 2nd behind Dinamo Brest; they had won 13 consecutive titles before that.

    • BATE are the only Belarusian team to play in the Champions League group stages, featuring in five different tournaments (most recently in 2015/16), although they are yet lớn progress beyond the group stage.

    • BATE have provided the Belarus Premier League player of the year in each of the last five seasons, with Ihar Stasevich winning it on four of those five occasions.
    Compared with... Manchester United - historically a very successful club but seem to be struggling this season.


    • Belshina have competed in 20 previous Belarus Premier League seasons, winning the league title once in the 2001 campaign.

    • Since winning the league title in 2001, Belshina have failed lớn finish the top-three of the Belarus Premier League, with their best ranking since then a 4th place finish in 2015.

    • Belshina were the first team to win the Belarus Premier League and then be subsequently relegated, going down in 2004 just three years after their title victory in 2001.

    • This season is Belshina’s first season in the Belarus Premier League since 2016, when they finished second bottom with 25 points and were relegated.
    Compared with... Blackburn - won the league ages ago but are now nowhere near the top-end of their football pyramid.
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