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Celeste progress in Copa América

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 12/2/20.

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    Celeste progress in Copa América
    Jack Lang expects experience to make the difference for Óscar Tabárez's side on Saturday… You can refer lớn the europa league predictions share with us!


    Uruguay v Peru

    Saturday, 20:00

    Live on Premier Sports 1

    Celeste looking to kick on
    Uruguay were our main antepost tip to win the Copa América, and while their price hasn't come in as much as might have been expected - they're 5.60 to win the tournament - we're satisfied with what we have seen thus far. There was a brief wobble in the group stage, when they were held by Japan, but the 1-0 victory over Chile at the Maracanã, which sealed top spot, was exactly the kind of performance you expect from Óscar Tabárez's side: determined, gritty and cathartic- According to the soccer tip to win page!

    All is not perfect. The midfield, while solid, is still creating too little: Giorgian de Arrascaeta came into the side on Monday, as predicted, but did not add much spark from the right flank, while Nicolás Lodeiro has faded after a fine start lớn the tournament against Ecuador. It would help if the full-backs provided a little more thrust, but with Diego Laxalt injured, Tabárez has had lớn use Martín Cáceres on the left, where he offers little. With the clunky Giovanni González on the other flank, there's not much valuable support for the wide midfielders.

    It's lucky, then, that the side's two great strengths continue to concretise. The defence was brilliant against Chile, with José María Giménez increasingly taking on the role of ringleader from partner Diego Godín. And up front, Edinson Cavani and Luis Suárez have both looked in the mood this month. They have scored two goals apiece and if they remain fit, Uruguay will always have a chance in any game.


    Peru need to bounce back
    It's fair to say the group stage was a mixed bag for Peru, who were excellent against Bolivia (3-1), unlucky against Venezuela (0-0) and absolutely appalling against Brazil (0-5). The task for coach Ricardo Gareca is lớn ensure that that last result, last Saturday afternoon in São Paulo, doesn't have any lasting effect on his side as they head into the knockout rounds.

    There has already been some bad news in the days since that game: Jefferson Farfán has been forced lớn pull out of the squad due to injury. His replacement here is likely lớn be Édinson Flores, with Christian Cueva moving into a more central role; that was actually the preferred combination at last summer's World Cup, so it might yet turn out OK, particularly if Cueva can find some gaps behind Uruguay's flat midfield.
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