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Chelsea had difficulty participating in the FA Cup

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 5/3/20.

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    Chelsea had difficulty participating in the FA Cup
    Betfair Ambassador Graeme Le Saux gives his verdict on who he expects to reach the soccer tips for tomorrow


    FA Cup victory more important than Champions League for Spurs
    Tottenham v Manchester United
    Saturday, 17:15
    Live on BBC One
    I think this game really depends on which Manchester United team turns up. Given that Spurs comfortably beat them in the league at Wembley, Mourinho will be desperate to stop Tottenham scoring first and it would be typical of a Mourinho side to be very disciplined in their approach.
    They will probably play tight, keeping players behind the ball including Pogba. But as a fan you just think why-oh-why can't you be a bit more adventurous and show the flair that clearly exists in the team.
    United lack identity

    It's hard to know what United's identity and style is as a club anymore, and they've had quite a strange couple of weeks. In the soccer vip tip against West Brom they didn't look like scoring until the last minute, and couldn't manage it, but then on Wednesday night against Bournemouth I thought they looked good.

    Lingard, Rashford and Martial, with Pogba behind them look sharp and played with real energy, but Mourinho isn't going to pick that team on the weekend, so it will be fascinating to see who plays and how he plays it.


    FA Cup would be a real milestone for Spurs
    When it comes to Tottenham, I believe an FA Cup win would be a huge thing for the club and the players right now. I think it's more important than qualifying for Champions League as I believe they really need a trophy in the cabinet to cement them as a top side.

    It gives you status and an authority and confidence that you are a winning team. It would be a really important milestone for this group of players and the first trophy Pochettino would have won in England. And for the fans it gives you bragging rights and would just be a great finish to the season for them.

    First, they've got lớn get past United and I do think they will. Ironically, they have 'home advantage' at Wembley and after overcoming their Wembley hoodoo, they've made it into a bit of a fortress so I think they will get to the final.
: tip

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