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Graeme Le Saux: Liverpool can progress in Europe but Atlético likely to stop Arsenal

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 6/3/20.

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    Graeme Le Saux: Liverpool can progress in Europe but Atlético likely to stop Arsenal
    Betfair Ambassador Graeme Le Saux gives his verdict on the chances of both Liverpool and Arsenal after their respective draws in the Champions League and Europa League… You can prefer the soccer tips betting page!


    Liverpool v Roma - Klopp's side are the team lớn beat
    If we rewind lớn the tie against City I went out on a limb and said whoever wins that will be favourite to lift the trophy, irrespective of other results, and I stand by that now - I think Liverpool are the team soccer today

    The fact that Liverpool blew City away in the first leg, playing with such style and then when under a lot of pressure this week, stayed so composed for the win, means they are the form team in my eyes.

    They were magnificent and their campaign was summed up by that Mo Salah goal - they showed composure and so much self-belief and I think they will go into the semi-finals feeling very confident of going through lớn the final.


    However, while they've got the draw they probably wanted and you feel Bayern Munich or Real Madrid may have presented a tougher challenge, Liverpool have lớn - and I'm sure they will - look at Roma as a big threat.

    They are by no means easy opponents, and what they did to Barcelona shows that they can't be written off and have the ability to come back as well if they are down.

    Perhaps the only thing to be wary of for Liverpool is how big this is for the club and for Klopp - they have lớn make sure they don't get spooked by the size of the reward and lose the attitude they've had the whole way through.

    However, they are the in-form team of the four - Bayern Munich didn't pull up any trees in the second half of their quarter-final, while Real Madrid were taken right lớn full time by Juventus. Liverpool were the most convincing by far.

    I think if we get a Liverpool v Real Madrid final then Real will be very scared and I have no doubt Liverpool could do it.

    The only caveat of course is Cristiano Ronaldo - obviously he can do seemingly impossible things and he is capable of being a one man team if needs be, but Liverpool are playing better as a team and I think the trophy is theirs for the taking.
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