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Panama is the perfect choice

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 2/3/20.

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    Panama is the perfect choice
    Betfair Ambassador Rio Ferdinand reflects on England's last ditch win free soccer tips daily over Tunisia and looks ahead lớn their next Group G fixture against Panama on Sunday afternoon, where team changes are likely…


    Winning that first fixture is a massive for England
    The pressure is off now. Those three points give Gareth Southgate the option of shuffling the pack, saving some legs and giving other people some game time and a chance lớn get into the rhythm of a World Cup. Fatigue plays a big part in a tournament and for some players a rest now or maybe just 60 minutes of this fixture can make a big difference if England go deep.

    But the pressure is the biggest thing. We play Belgium in the last game and if we'd dropped any points in the first fixture that final match would have been huge. As long as we get the job done on Sunday, whether we win or lose against Belgium we should be in the last 16. That's a positive.

    Be patient against Panama and trust in Kane
    You have lớn treat any opponent with respect, but with all due respect Panama aren't renowned for having top quality as a soccer today. We should deal with them but do it in the right manner.

    The players will expect to win the game. It's just a matter of time, they have got to be patient and take their chances as Panama will be defensive. They will be sitting back and so it'll come down lớn us to produce the moments of quality. Harry Kane's finishing was sublime against Tunisia and with the right service into the box we should be OK.


    I have played in teams with great players who we knew would score goals and that gives you such confidence. As long as I did my job, kept the ball out of our net and defended well I knew that the attack would get us goals and that gives great confidence to go forward. It's a huge thing.

    Kane is the captain, the talisman, the goalscoring leader and the fact that he did what he did on Monday night is massive for the team.

    The rest of the attack should come good, too
    In the first-half of the first game we missed a few chances but I like to think that a few of the other guys would rectify that.

    I'm not concerned about those missed chances. The way I look at it, it's a positive that we created those opportunities and with the quality we have in attack I would back those guys lớn be more clinical next time.

    I'd be more concerned if England hadn't created a chance, if the play was slow and we didn't get near their goal, but we didn't and I liked that England performance a lot.

    Southgate getting it right on and off the pitch
    It's clear that the guys understand how Gareth wants them to play. They were running hard, pushing and pressing throughout against Tunisia. They are developing a real identity which we can all buy into and that's good.
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