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Rivaldo Exclusive: Valverde must win Champions League to save his job

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 9/1/20.

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    Rivaldo Exclusive: Valverde must win Champions League to save his job
    Betfair Ambassador Rivaldo says Barca players need to step up if they're to win the tips free soccer this season. Our man also think an ex-Everton boss could fit the bill at Camp Nou.


    Barcelona gave a poor performance against Slavia Praha at Camp Nou on Tuesday and failed lớn booked their place in the Champions League last 16 just yet. It would be a great disaster if Barca don't get out of the group stage but I don't believe that the players are thinking about elimination, as it is only a remote possibility. They are still leading their group and are well placed to go further in the competition.

    Now the most important thing for Barca is lớn forget this bad match and think ahead to their next fixture in La Liga, against Celta Vigo on Saturday evening, and about how their going lớn regain their fans' confidence and start playing in a style that justifies their status as favourites for the Spanish title and gets people backing them in the Champions League.

    Everybody expects Barcelona lớn play soccer tips of the day. That isn't happening now but the team has a great squad to do it, even with Luis Suárez injured.

    Lionel Messi was their best player against Slavia once again, but things don't always run according to the script and this time he didn't scored. The team must stop depending on those two and players who have arrived recently need lớn step up and prove they can make the difference in games.


    Ronald Koeman could be an excellent option for Barca
    With Barcelona on a bad run, rumours start immediately about potential replacements for manager Ernesto Valverde. One name that's been mentioned is Ronald Koeman and the Dutchman could be, for sure, an excellent option for the club.

    But any decision on Valverde's future will be based on how Barcelona perform in the Champions League, as in La Liga they should at least fight for the title. If Valverde fails lớn win the competition once again, then we'll probably see a new manager in Barcelona next season.

    The club wants lớn lift the European trophy with Valverde, but he isn't managing lớn do it, so I believe this would be his last chance, even if he is a great manager. Lớn be crowned Spanish champion isn't new for Barca fans and won't make them happy enough because their true obsession now is the Champions League. If Valverde fails again, I think it would be the right time to change.
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